Math Is More Than "Tapping" and "Swiping"

Hands-On, Minds-On Math Games & Puzzles Delievered to Your Home, Office or Classroom

Hands On!

Immerse yourself in mathematical explorations and creations with hands-on, minds on math puzzles and games. Put away the screens and textbooks, and experience math the way it was intended.


We design and create custom made math materials that are not available anywhere else. Geometry, topology, combinatorics, number theory, networks, you'll enjoy experiencing mathematics in great new ways.


Why waste time shopping, buying and returning? We promise good times, and when you're finished having fun, you can send it back for credit towards future boxes o' math.



You know mathematics is the most elegant and "pure" of all the disciplines, but profess not to understand anything about it. We make the materials that will engage and provoke many "aha" moments.

Whose Responsible?

For over three decades, Robert has worked as a classroom teacher and math specialist, designing original materials to help engage students so that they can experience the thrill of mathematical discovery. Reaching into his background in visual and industrial arts, Robert creates original materials that highlight the beauty and wonder of mathematics.
Robert M. Berkman
Robert M. Berkman
Founder & Chief Designer

Sample Materials

Just a few of the activities coming from our labs....

Taking Orders for Fall 2016

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